The Brief Introduction of Dota 2 Auto Chess & How to Play, How to Win

Time: 2019-06-15 10:06:31

Our Dota 2 Auto Chess Guide, Tips & strategies: The Brief Introduction of Dota 2 Auto Chess & How to Play, How to Win the gameplay to help you get familiar with Dota 2 Auto Chess and win more games in this gameplay.

Dota 2 Auto Chess is a round-based digital board game that is an 8-player PvP game mode in Dota 2, and the mode is the same as Dota 2. In the gameplay, you are asked to buy chess pieces for gold, place them on the field using your Courier to play against AI and other players. If you are the last player standing, you will be the winner of the gameplay.
How to Play Dota 2 Auto Chess?
Once you make it into a match of Auto Chess you will have an 8×8 chess board in front of you. You will control the composition and placement of a team of 5 heroes to try to win a fight against either neutral Creeps or one of your seven opponents' teams of heroes. Using your courier, the character you control, you must select the hero you just purchased and place it somewhere on your side of the chess board. As each round goes on you will earn more gold, which can be used to buy more heroes, eventually creating a mini army of Dota heroes on your side of the board. If you lose, your courier—your controlling avatar—loses hit points based on how many enemy units are left alive and how strong they are. Then you have 30 seconds to buy new heroes and manage your army before the next round starts in an ever-revolving round robin tournament. The last player standing wins.
How to Win Dota 2 Auto Chess?
Work with the game. Don’t be afraid to buy pieces as they appear for later use, as this enables you to keep your options open. It’s important to keep your economy thriving, so try and avoid draining your pockets every round. Find a balance between keeping your monetary gains ticking along and your chess “locker” filled with potential combinations.
If you want to win consistently, you can’t be stubborn and you need to be able to change your strategy ahead of your opponents trying to counter you. You also need to know when to quit on a bad strategy or bad pieces. You can have a good strategy but it won’t always work out. But the main thing you need to know is that LEVELS MATTER on the pieces you are using. You may love your lv 1’s thinking that they are a part of a perfect class combo, but replacing them or swapping them with higher level alternatives will actually keep you in the game. Drawing a 3 and using a 3 is the same as combining 2 lv 1 pieces together at once.
You will need to keep an eye out on their other top tier opponents to make sure their composition doesn’t hard counter yours. But there are a limited number of copies of each hero available in a game. If your opponents are all leaning heavily on mech synergies, for instance, those heroes will be much less likely to appear in your shop. The best Auto Chess players are able to recognize what other players are building and pivot to the strongest pieces that are currently being ignored.
Dota 2 Auto Chess is such a round-based digital board game that loved by world-wide players. Players are always searching the ways to play well with this gameplay. So, we want to make it easy for players to play this game, hope this guide on The Brief Introduction of Dota 2 Auto Chess & How to Play, How to Win the gameplay will help you to play well with the game, and enhance your adventure and help you be the core player.

Dota 2 Auto Chess Guide Tips & Strategies How to Play How to Win