Dota 2 Auto Chess Gods Strategy Guide of two new god chess pieces Mars and Zeus

Time: 2019-06-15 14:18:29

Drodo Studios has added two more new heroes: Zeus and Mars in Dota 2 Auto Chess, each hero owns different skills and the power. Let's take a time to analysis of Mars and Zeus's gold strategy.

Zeus is a 5 gold hero (God-Mage) while Mars is a 1 gold hero (God-Warrior). Mars is the most recent addition to the Dota 2 roster, and he hasn’t been added Captain’s mode yet. Zeus, on the other hand, was the first hero, unique to Valve’s Dota 2 (not the WC3 map).
Mars Strategy Guide
Mars has two main abilities that cost no mana: Overwhelming Superiority, which is a common race ability for all gods, and Fortified Armor, a Warrior class ability. His class ability means that Mars synergizes well with other Warrior chess pieces. However, you must remember that if you want his race ability to work, which reduces cooldowns by 50%, you cannot use more than one piece of the same race on the board.
It appears Mars will pan out as a tank, especially if he is slotted in next to other racial synergies that eliminate his God bonuses. His ability, Bulwark, makes him a beast against physical damage and his Shield Bash is going to doesn’t cost him any mana to use, which is a huge plus since he currently has a zero damage output.
Zeus Strategy Guide
Zeus is a five gold hero, who’s skill is hundergod’s Wrath. Zeus strikes all enemy pieces with lightning, no matter where they may be, upon cast, every enemy piece will have 50% chance to get hit, each hit deals fixed magic damage and damage proportional to their current health – it is guaranteed to hit at least 1 target even if all units fail 50% chance.
All of this makes him a “win harder” unit. If you are already winning battles, Zeus will punish the enemy players fast. If you are struggling, however, a bad roll on Thundergod’s Wrath could lose you rounds and cost you lots of HP.
That is the guide of Dota 2 Auto Chess new added heroes: Mars and Zeus, and I hope this gold strategy guide useful and enjoyable. More Dota 2 Auto Chess Guides are available on the

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